My New Job

Despite all of my struggles, I can safely say that I have made it 6 months. 6 months I have been clean.

In fact, I now have my own job and my own place.

My new job is working as a dog trainer at a local dog obedience school. I specialize in crate training dogs.

Here’s a few things that I have learned about dog crate training that has helped me:

  • Dogs love to be in their dog crate
  • It’s heartbreaking hearing a dog whimper in their dog crate
  • There are many different types of dog cages
  • The dog crate is the most effective means of training a dog

When people come into our obedience school, the first thing that we do is teach their dog how to sit and stay.

The next initiative is to teach their dog how to happily go into their puppy crate. Usually this is met with some resistance if the dog isn’t used to this. However, once the dog gets the hang of it, they actually love it in their crate. That’s why we recommend that you use a large 42 inch dog crate when training your dog.

From what I have learned, a dog crate is almost like a den for dogs. In the wilderness, dogs will fall asleep in a tight, confined space that they can easily guard. This protects the dog from predators.

If you think about it, a dog crate is a very similar thing. It is small, confined, and has completely closed sides except for the door.

Whoever invented the dog crate is a genius.

Anyways, I am so fortunate to have this job and that there is that much of a demand for dog crate training.

I am blessed to be alive!